Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust

We are very excited to announce that on 17 October 2013, the Diocesan Multi Academy Trust was formed in the name of the ‘Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust’.

The Diocesan Director of Education, Jackie Waters-Dewhurst is the Chief Executive Officer of the Trust and the board of directors are a group of professionals with a wealth of expertise and experience in education and business rooted in Christian values.

Last year, the Trust developed a vast range of policies, procedures and mechanisms needed to successfully sponsor a number of academies.

Ulceby Church of England Primary School joined the Trust on 1 January 2014 and The Magdalen Church of England and Methodist Primary School in Wainfleet is expected to enter the Trust later in the year.

The Trust has appointed members to serve on the Local Governing Body at each of the schools. It is essential that the schools are maintained as local schools to serve the children and families in the local community. Every school in the Trust will retain their individual identity and build upon their Christian or historic foundation to provide the best education possible.

The Trust recognises that one size does not fit all and so it is driven to provide tailored school improvement support for each of the schools in the trust. In time it is anticipated that there will be a rich mix of church and community schools within the Trust spanning the whole spectrum of academic and educational achievement and every school will want to share and glean good practice with each other.
The Trust has access to the Diocesan Education Team, a wide range of external school improvement providers and a network of 141 church schools to support its academies on their journey to future success.

“The new opportunities and the drive to continue to raise standards is at the heart of the LAAT and I am very excited to be a part of that. Furthermore the work the school has done with the LAAT has already raised standards; it is a new era, one that will reap rewards for all of our children.”

– Chris Smith, Headteacher, Ulceby St Nicholas Church of England Primary School

“All of the staff and pupils are very excited at the prospect of joining LAAT this term, we have already benefitted greatly from the continued support of the Diocese but we are looking forward to being part of a very exciting and forward thinking “Church family” in the form of LAAT. As a school we cannot wait to start on our journey with LAAT and all feel, that this is a tremendously exciting next step for our school”.

– Gareth Smith, Headteacher, The Magdalen Church of England and Methodist Primary School.

Official LAAT documents and information:

Please click on below for the LAAT accounts ending August 31st 2014.

Ulceby St. Nicholas Primary School - Final Accounts 2014 - 2015

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