During the period from the 17th of November 2014 to the 20th, here at Ulceby St Nicholas School, we have been celebrating inter-faith week by mixing classes and learning about different faiths and cultures. On the 21st we will be inviting parents to a showcase of all that has been produced throughout the week.  This will include stories, drama, dance and much more.  Mrs Proctor’s group have been learning about signs and symbols.  Mrs Douglas, Miss Pratt and Mr Smith (understudy) have been focusing on Diwali.  Miss Nash has been teaching dance to Indian music.  Mr Matthew’s group have been producing images from creation stories.  Mr Durkan’s group have been using drama to learn faith stories.  Some of the year 6 pupils have been given the responsibility to write a news report of the week.

Two reporters have been interviewing the children in Mrs Proctor’s group.  Tyler, a year 5 pupil exclaimed, “It is helping me learn about different faiths.”  On Monday, this group cut out paper body parts, put holes in the black dots, added split pins and moved the body parts to make the person into a praying position.  The resources used were paper, scissors, split pins, blue-tac and pencils.

So to sum up the week, it has been amazing and the whole school has enjoyed the week.  Hollie, a year 2 pupil, commented “I hope we have another inter-faith week next year.”

Mr Smith, head teacher stated, ”It has been a fantastic week and the children have enjoyed learning about different faiths.”

By Beth Stockdale and Logan Morgan.