Welcome to Ulceby St Nicholas Church of England Primary School 

A Christian Mind to be Kind, Courageous and Successful

Our Vision:

As a Church of England School, we are a caring, nurturing and inclusive family environment, committed to supporting all within the local community. Like a garden bursting into life and colour, we see everyone as a unique flower, having the potential to flourish and grow within the love of God.

We aspire to develop confident, resilient and compassionate individuals, who recognise the power of forgiveness and are courageous ambassadors for positive change in today’s world as well as tomorrow’s. We all do this through striving for the highest possible academic standards and progress, showing resilience in the face of a challenge and being good role models towards others. Our Christian values of acts of kindness, respect and living without harming others underpin all that we do.

Our school inspires all to thrive through empowering each and every person to take ownership of their destiny, both now and in the future, in line with the Christian Gospels which teaches that every person has a unique task to do with, and for God, whether they know it or not. As a result, we encourage members of our community to develop their own faith and belief whilst treading life’s pathway.

A warm welcome

On behalf of the staff and governors of Ulceby St. Nicholas we would like to welcome you and your family to our school web site.

Ulceby St. Nicholas is a special place where the staff are dedicated to providing a stimulating, exciting environment where everyone feels valued and safe, ideas can flourish and pupils can realise their full potential.

By providing a well structured and engaging curriculum, and by promoting good behaviour through our Christian Values, we aim to enthuse in all children a love of learning as well as respect and care for each other.

If you would like to talk to us please contact us on the telephone number displayed on the website and speak to Miss Taylor.

Mrs Vicky Matthews – Executive Headteacher

Mrs Holly Atkinson – Head of School