Schoool Aims

(Please note we are currently reviewing this statement with all stakeholders).

The following tries to encapsulate some of the purposes and intentions of Ulceby St. Nicholas Church of England Primary School.  The statement is by no means an exhaustive one.  It has evolved over several years by means of staff, governors, parents and pupils working together.

The following mission statement underpins all that we aim to achieve in our school:

‘Working in partnership with the community we strive to enrich each child’s life in the areas of intellectual, social, physical, spiritual and emotional development.  We endeavour to meet the needs of all the children in our care and aim to provide an enjoyable, quality education that is both relevant and meaningful to the individual.  The school is committed to Christian values that nurture a safe, caring and supportive family atmosphere in which all individuals can flourish’.

In order to meet the above overall aim, the staff and Governors of the school have devised some objectives.  These are to:

  • Provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum using a variety of teaching methods as appropriate.
  • Provide meaningful and appropriate links between the curriculum subjects wherever possible and experiences which are both enjoyable and of a high quality. In order to achieve the above, The National Curriculum, The Primary Strategy and Early Learning Goals/Foundation Stage Curriculum will be adhered to in our curriculum framework to ensure continuity and progression.
  • Develop in all children a positive attitude towards all aspects of learning.
  • Develop in the children a fundamental understanding of the basic concepts and skills of Literacy, Numeracy and Scientific enquiry as appropriate to the age, ability and aptitude of each child.
  • Develop each child’s understanding of the other curriculum areas that would include ICT, Technology, History, Geography, RE, PSHCE and Spanish.
  • Develop each child’s appreciation and use of Music, Drama, PE, Dance and Art as forms of expression and learning.
  • Develop in each child an awareness of themselves, socially, morally and spiritually so that they can come to an appreciation and respect of all people.
  • Develop in each child an understanding and awareness of the need to care for and cherish our natural environment.
  • Operate a policy of integration and inclusion for all children deemed to have specific special needs.
  • Enrich the experiences of the children by offering a variety of extra-curricular activities.
  • Provide a quality environment that is stimulating, one which enables children to become independent learners and thereby helping them to become able and confident members of society.
  • Encourage parents, Governors and the community in the development and work of the school.
  • Develop quality in all that we pursue and accomplish with the children.
  • Work in partnership with the Pre-school/Wraparound Care in order to develop and provide aspects of the extended school core provision.


We have a School Development Plan that outlines current developments, priorities, costings and timescales.

Our School Effectiveness Adviser is Mrs June Richardson. Mrs Richardson is employed by the LAAT and has worked extensively in education. Mrs Richardson has been a teacher, deputy, headteacher, executive headteacher and consultant.