good school attendance is extremely important 

We understand that good attendance at school is extremely important to support pupils’ learning and help them achieve their best. We have high expectations of pupils’ attendance and believe that working together and close communication between home and school are key.

School, parents and pupils all have a role to play in ensuring good attendance.

Pupils should…
  • attend school as regularly as possible.
  • arrive on time and prepared to start the day so that learning time isn’t wasted.
  • tell a staff member if there is an issue that is preventing their good attendance.
Parents should…
  • ensure that their child attends school as regularly as possible and arrives on time so that learning time isn’t missed.
  • inform school, by contacting the school office by phone or email before 9am, if their child is unable to attend.
  • try to the best of their arrange medical appointments outside of school hours (although we appreciate that this sometimes can’t be helped!)
  • contact us in confidence if there is an issue which may affect their child’s attendance or learning at school.
  • work alongside school staff to look for ways to improve their child’s attendance if it falls below the expected percentage.

The school will ensure that attendance is recorded accurately on a daily basis and monitored regularly so that we can provide support where it is needed. We will aim to work closely with pupils and parents to address any issues and concern to ensure the best possible attendance for every pupil.

First Day Contact Procedure
  • Registration takes place at 9:00am and they are checked by the school office staff immediately to identify any children who are absent without providing a reason.
  • Office staff will begin to phone parents/carers to determine why the pupil isn’t in school. Where there is no answer an answer phone message will be left and an email sent.
  • Where there is no response from the parent/carer the office staff will begin to phone everyone on the pupil’s contact list.
  • At this point, if no explanation for the pupil’s absence has been obtained we may consider a home visit or contact with any outside services which may be working with the family.

This procedure is in place so that we can be sure that all of our pupils are safe- safeguarding is always our main priority. Please support us with this by letting us know at your earliest convenience why your child is absent from school.