The Role of Parents & Carers

What role can I, as a parent, play in the school?
A vitally important one!  We acknowledge the rights and duties of parents/carers in the education of their children and we strive continually to ensure that the relationships between Ulceby St. Nicholas Primary School and home are close, visible and genuine.  Indeed, we try to ensure that the education of the children is in fact a ‘partnership’ between home and school.  The school has a home/school agreement, which we encourage children and parents to agree.

Can I help in the school/classroom?
Yes please!  Just have a word with your child’s teacher and they will gladly arrange a time for you to assist within the school.  If you feel you have talents and attributes that may be of benefit to other children in other parts of the school, please do not hesitate to offer them.  Help can be given in so many different ways.  To help us know who is in the school (for health and safety purposes), would you please sign the visitor’s book in the Secretary’s office when you do come into school.   

How can I help my child at home?
In many ways!  Space does not permit a full description of all the ways that you can help your child at home.   Please feel free to talk to your child’s teacher who will also be more than willing to give advice and practical help on how you can help your child at home. 

What are the school’s celebrations/assemblies?
These are frequent, and again we welcome all parental involvement in our whole school assemblies, seasonal festivities, sporting fixtures and tournaments.  Dates of all school events and attractions are sent home regularly with the children.  Please ask your child regularly for any newsletters.

Once a term, each class will take responsibility for an assembly.  Parents of the children performing these are encouraged to attend and you will receive a written invitation from your child giving you the date and time of when the assembly will take place.

We occasionally hold assemblies through the year where all parents are welcome to attend.  These may include a St Nicholas Day Carol Service, Harvest Festival, Easter Worship and our annual Leavers Service amongst others.  On occasions our acts of worship will take place in our local church.

What is the ‘Helping Hands’ Association and what do they do?
The Friends Association, Helping Hands is primarily a fund raising organisation, which has a commitment to enriching the experiences of the children in our care.

Many social events are organised during the school year and all parents are more than welcome to attend these.  Newsletters are also sent home giving details of forthcoming events.  They also organise a Summer and Christmas Fair which everyone is encouraged to support.  Various dances and discos are also held at several points in the year.  The work of the Friends has two basic aims.  Firstly, they bring people together to enjoy themselves and secondly, they raise funds for the benefit of the children.  All the monies raised are spent on your children to enable them to get the very best from their time at our school.

Although there is no formal membership to the Friends Association, just being a parent with a child here includes you; there are Committee Members who are elected each year at one of their open meetings (everyone is made most welcome).

There are also many parents who, although not on the committee, help out at many of the events.  Support for the Friends, no matter how small, is a very positive way of helping to achieve the best for our children and very much appreciated by all including the children themselves.