Ulceby Endowment Trust

The Ulceby School Endowment Trust

We are delighted and grateful to receive regular support from the Ulceby Endowment Trust to provide additional resources and enrichment for the benefit of our pupils.

In 1722 Thomas Richardson bequeathed money and more than 20 acres of land for the education of the poor in Ulceby and subsequently ‘The Charity of Thomas Richardson’ was founded.

Under the charities Act 1960, the Trustees were obliged to register the charity. The charity commissioners approved the objective of the Charity of Thomas Richardson as follows:

“A school for the benefit of the poor of Ulceby for ever by providing equipment, activities and special benefits for the Ulceby St Nicholas Church of England School in areas where such assistance is not available from the local education authority” and the name was changed to Ulceby School Endowment Trust.

The trustees have further extended the scope of provision to Ulceby residents whose children may need specialised equipment to aid their education. Any clubs or orgnaisations who are providing educational programmes may also apply for help, although it must be emphasised that the trust does not give financial grants.

For further details please contact school on enquiries@ulceby.laat.co.uk so that contact details for the chair of trustees can be provided.